Tuesday, May 19, 2020

GenMod Crops and Livestock

Doc McDonald had a Pharm

Animal husbandry from a test tube.  The environment might have collapsed but the Cities are still hungry.   Genetically Modified, GenMod, animals and plants plants are researched, grown, and processed at secure lab/farms called Pharms.  Pumped out by the Corps to feed the billions each strand of DNA is copyrighted and enforced by Corp sponsored DRM killteams.

Chickapedes - GenMod chickens with six sets of legs.  A dozen drumsticks in every box!

SimKobe Beef - Cows aug'd up with VR helms pumping in idyllic visions of quaint farm life in rural Japan.  Fed 'beer' (steroids and sugar water) and massaged (via electo-stim implants) to ensure the best beef science can make.  The illusion is kept all the way to the abattoir, breaking the VRllusion causes psychotic breaks in the cow' mental state (also ruins the flavor).

Rumble Bees - GenMod honeybees that make hives that auto-ferment their honey.  Feed on various sugars, not pollen.  Slight modifications and changes in diet can make all sorts of alcohols.  Will swarm if deprived of sugar long enough.

Green Bloom -  GenMod algae that will grow just about anywhere whose only limiter is space and how much nitrogen it can get its hands on.  Used to make SCOP.  Chokes the life out of any body of water it gets into.

Lamb of Tartary - Technically a plant these large large bushes produce a single 'meat flower' that tastes strikingly like young lamb.  Mint jelly pollen currently under research.

Hollow Ducks - GenMod Ducks whose chest cavity is mostly hollow.  This hollow cavity is designed for a fast growing regenerating liver.  It'll keep growing as long as half of it remains.  It be inhumane to not remove parts of it!

Milkbugs - GenMod overgrown aphids that make a surprisingly cow like milk.  Useless without their symbiotic GenMod ant herders and their pheromones.

Meatballs - Large lab grown spheres of living meat.  Looks like a pulsing ball of muscle and sinew that's the size of a family mini-van with all sorts of tubing plugged into it.  Will absorb just about any organic matter it touches, its growth is limited by its temperature.  Self-regenerating so sections can constantly be shaved off.  Guarded 24/7 with guards with flamethrowers/freezethrowers to prevent breakouts.

Texan Long Worm - Longhorn cow and earthworm hybrid.  Growing up to 12ft long the terminal segments break of easy for consumption.  Docile.  Happy just to chew piles of dirt all day.

Hogzillas - Fast growing giant hogs.  Adults grow to be about the size of a car.  They escape frequently.  Rouge packs have been seen in groups of 30-50 in the deep Rustlands.

Surinam Sturegon - The eggs grow on the back of the fish and have convenient little holes for ease of harvesting.  Plus harvesting the eggs no longer kills the fish.

Sashimi Fish - AKA "Peel and Eat Salmon". These fish grow large tendrils of exposed flesh which can be harvested fresh.  Must be kept in clean salt water or will die fast from parasites and bacterial infection.

Land Shrimp - Hybrid of shrimp and locusts (they look like jumbo shrimp with little wings).  Escaped feral versions have evolved actual flight and now large biblical scale Land Shrimp swarms plague the Rustlands.

Mud Tigers - GenMod catfish bread to be be highly efferent bottom feeders used for bio-remediation of polluted waterways.  They 'spawn' large fleshy sacs of concentrated toxins for easy cleanup.  Their meat is often sold 'lagoon tilapia' on the market, but often contains many of the toxins they are designed to be filtering.

Unlucky Clover - Clover with razor sharp leafs.  Originally for pest management, now a popular defensive measure.

Long Corm- Hybrid of corn and bamboo.  Grows fast tall and straight.  Rapidly depletes the soil  and requires a ton of water but the crop yields are phenomenal.  Popular crop for BioDiesel.

Humigs - Human-Hog hybrids designed for growing and incubating synth organs.  They look mostly like hogs, except for the teeth.  And the eyes.  And the screams.

With help and inspiration from the SA TG community discord.

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