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Vehicular Manslaughter

Expanded Vehicle Rules for Cybernetic Bastards (and Electric Bastionland)

Vehicles have HP and Armor just like everything else
Attacks that do not do structural damage are Impaired (this includes most firearms).
Attacking a Vehicle that is significantly more Agile or Faster than you is Impaired - unless you attack is Blast.
If an attack would bring a Vehicles HP to 0, or would do damage to a Vehicle that has 0 HP, the driver must test CHA or become Wrecked.
Vehicles that become Wrecked stop to a halt and everyone inside takes d6 damage. If driving at high speeds or in dangerous conditions then they take d12.

    Fixing It
You can fix a Vehicle with Parts or Time.
Using Parts you heal d6 with a Short Rest.
Using Time you heal d6 with a Long Rest.
You might be able to use Parts to heal a Vehicle while its moving, but you would need to have access to the engine to do so, and that would involve having someone climb out and popping open the hood...

    Ramming Speed!
Collisions between two Vehicles deal d6 to Both Vehicles unless there is a major weight difference, where the larger vehicle would deal d12.
Running over soft targets does no damage to the Vehicle.
Sideswiping a Vehicle typically does d4 damage unless there is a major weight difference

Cargo is how much stuff a vehicle can hold.
One Cargo is roughly what one person can carry.
You can carry more Cargo than whats listed but it will make you Slower and might fall out with an Impact.

Seats is how many people can safely ride in a vehicle.
You can have people 'ride on' but they also take any ramming and collision damage as well as Blast damage that the Vehicle takes.
You can also put Cargo in a Seat.

    Off Roading and Hazards
Most vehicles are not designed to go off road (unless they have the Off Road tag)
Every turn a non-off road vehicle is driving off road the driver must test CHA or the vehicle takes d6 damage.
Likewise most road hazards will require you to test CHA or take damage/be slowed down.

    Optional Rule: Fuel
This rule is suggested for settings/areas where running out of fuel may be an issue. Think making a cross country run or in a blasted apocalyptic wasteland. It is not recommended to track fuel in 'safe and normal' conditions like in a city.
Each unit of fuel is 1 Cargo.
Some engine might require exotic fuels (batteries, uranium fuel rods, bio-oil, etc).
Test fuel for each day that you travel and every time you are involved with some high speed action.
Roll Luck for fuel consumption. 

1: You are all dry. You will need more fuel to go on from this point.
2-3: Running on fumes. You have just enough for one more day/action.
4+: Full Tank. Hit the gas and haul ass.

    Other Rulings
Tires flat/slashed? You are Sluggish and Slow now.

    Vehicle Tags
Soft - This Vehicle is soft. Firearms and other attacks hit it normally.
Off Road - This Vehicle is built to maneuver off road.
Slow - This Vehicle is slow, slower than most mass market stuff.
Fast - This Vehicle is fast, faster than most mass market stuff.
Very Fast - This Vehicle is very fast, faster than just about all other vehicles
Agile- This vehicle is very nimble
Sluggish - This Vehicle is sluggish and hard to maneuver.
Aquatic - This vehicle can move on water.
Flies - This Vehicle can fly in the air.
Fuel Efficient - Roll twice when testing Fuel and take the best.
Fuel Hog - Roll twice when testing Fuel and take the worst.

    Cycles and ATVs
Chopper: 6 HP. Seats 1, Cargo 1. Soft, Nimble, Fuel Efficient.
Dirtbike: 4 HP. Seats 1, Cargo 1. Soft, Off-Road, Nimble, Fuel Efficient.
Sports Bike: 4HP. Seats 1. Soft, Fast, Nimble.
Trike. 8HP, Armor 1. Seats 1. Cargo 2. Soft, Fuel Efficient.
Sidecar Bike: 8 HP, Armor 1. Seats 2. Cargo 2. Soft, Fuel Efficient.

    Off Roads
ATV: 6HP. Seats 2. Cargo 1. Off Road, Soft, Fuel Efficient.
Dune Buggy: 6HP, Armor 1. Seats 3. Cargo 2. Off road, Soft.
Jeep: 8HP, Armor 1. Seats 4. Cargo 1. Off road.

    Cars and Vans
Mass-Market Car: 8HP, Armor 1. Seats 4, Cargo 2
Sports Car: 8HP, Armor 1. Seats 2, Cargo 1. Fast, Fuel Hog.
Van: 10 HP, Armor 1. Seats 5. Cargo 6. Sluggish.
SUV: 10 HP, Armor 1. Seats 5. Cargo 2. Sluggish, Off-Road, Fuel Hog.
Pickup Truck: 8HP, Armor 1. Seats 2. Cargo 6. Off-Road. 

Semi Truck: 15 HP, Armor 1. Seats 4, Cargo 4. Sluggish.
Trailer: 20 HP, Armor 1. Cargo 30. Needs to be pulled (does not move by itself)
Bus: 15 HP, Armor 1, Seats 20, Cargo 10. Slow, Sluggish.

Jet-Ski: 6 HP. Seats 2, Cargo 1. Fast, Aquatic, Fuel Efficient.
8 HP, Armor 1. Seats 6, Cargo 2. Aquatic.
Cigar Boat: 8HP, Armor 1. Seats 4, Cargo 1. Aquatic, Fast, Fuel Hog.
Yacht:15 HP, Armor 2. Seats 10, Cargo 10. Aquatic, Slow, Sluggish, Fuel Hog.
Sailboat: 8HP, Armor 1. Seats 8, Cargo 8. Aquatic, speed depends on the wind.
Air-boat: 8HP. Seats 6, Cargo 2. Amphibious, Loud as hell.

Gyrocopter: 6HP. Seats 1. Cargo 1. Flies, Nimble.
Helicopter: 8 HP Armor 1. Seats 4. Cargo 1. Flies, Fast, Nimble.
Attack Helicopter: 15 HP, Armor 2. Seats 2. Flies, Fast, Nimble.   Built in nose Turret (d8) and Rocket Pods (d10, Burst), test luck when firing (1: Your Spent 2-3: You have enough for 1 more attack: 4+ You're fine.)  Both are controlled by the gunner seat.
Light Aircraft: 12 HP, Armor 1. Seats 4, Cargo 4. Flies, Fast.

    Military Vehicles
Armored Car: 15 HP, Armor 2. Seats 4, Cargo 4. Turret with MG (d8. Assault)
APC: 20 HP, Armor 2. Seats 10, Cargo 4. Off Road. Turret with Auto-cannon (d8, Blast (Small))
Tank: 25 HP, Armor 3. Seats 4. Cargo 4.  Turret with Battle Cannon (HEAT (d12) or HE (d10, Blast), takes a turn to reload), and Co-axle MG (d8).

    Special Vehicles
Technical: 8 HP, Armor 1. Seats 2, Cargo 4. Off-Road. Has a LMG Turret (d10) or Rocket Launcher (d12, Blast, takes a turn to reload)
Sidecar Technical: 8 HP, Armor 1. Seats 2. Cargo 2. Soft, Fuel Efficient. MG Turret (d8, Assault) in the side car.
GEV: 8HP, Armor 1. Seats 2, Cargo 1. Fast, Flies.
Self-balancing Personal Transporter: 3 HP. Seats 1. Slow.
TukTuk: 4HP, Armor 1. Seats 4. Cargo 1. Slow.
Firetruck: 10 HP, Armor 1. Seats 4, Cargo 6. Sluggish. Has a water cannon and sirens.
Cop Car: 8HP, Armor 1. Seats 4, Cargo 2. The back 2 seats lock from the outside. Has sirens and Authority.

    Vehicle Upgrades
Roll Cage: Passengers only take d4 when Wrecked.

NOS Injector: Go Fast if Slow, else Very Fast for a turn. Roll Luck when you use it. 1: Its spent. 2-3: You got one boost left. 4+ Good to go.

Armor Plating (non-military/flyers only): +1 Armor. You are now Slow. Takes up 2 Cargo.

Internal SMG: (d6, Assault). Fired by the driver. Takes up 1 Cargo

Flamethrower: (d8, Blast (Cone), Burns). Uses Fuel for ammo. Takes up 2 cargo

Ramming Spikes: Collisions do d8.

Grappling Hook: Fires a grappling hook comes with 100ft of ultra-high tensile steel rope. Comes with winch. Takes up 1 Cargo.

Spiked Wheels: Deal a bonus +d12 when running over soft targets.

Roof Rack: Gain 4 Cargo, if you have a roof.

Oil Sprayer: Created a spray of oil behind you.

Spikes: Sideswipes doe d6

Re-enforced Frame: +2 HP.

Harpoon: (d8), can winch in things it hooks. Takes up 2 Cargo slots.

Secret Stash: One of your cargo slots is undetectable.

Wrecking Claw:
(d10) or can pick stuff up. Takes up 6 cargo slots.

Catapult: You can throw things. Takes up 6 cargo slots.

Shock-Lock: Anyone with out a key trying to break in takes d8 damage.

Environmental Sealing: You are fully protected from NBCs while inside. Takes up 1 Cargo slot.

Auto-Driver: This vehicle can drive itself, leaving the driver to do other things. 1-in-6 chance that it goes wild in any intense situation.

Nuclear Engine: Only roll fuel once a week. But uses radioactive fuel rods to work.

Electrical Engine: You now use batteries as fuel. You can also top off with a power source.

Solar Panels: You can recharge one battery per day, in sunlight or power simple electrical devices.

Plasma Turret: (d8), can be overcharged to deal (d12) but needs to spend the next turn cooling down or you do the same amount of damage to the vehicle. Takes 4 Cargo.

Water Cannon: Does no damage but can knock people off of things and potentially blind drivers. Also puts out fires. Takes up 4 Cargo.

Signet Scanners: Can scan local communication frequencies. Takes up 1 Cargo.

Spartican Tire Eliminators: Instead of Sideswiping you can attempt to pop your targets tiers. Their driver gets a save.

Ejector Seat: You can rocket out of the car in the case of disaster. Takes up a Seat.

Mini Rocket Launcher: (d12, Blast). Fired by the driver. Can shoot once before needing to be reloaded with a Short Rest.

Kitchenette: You can cook without making camp. Takes up 3 Cargo.

Sleeper Cabin: You can get a good nights sleep with out leaving the vehicle. Takes up 3 Cargo.

Wallwheelz: You can ride on walls, and vertical surfaces, if you have the speed.

Chem Lab: You can cook drugs, chems, and explosives (if you have the stuff and the know how). Takes up 4 Cargo.

3d Printer: You can print simple objects, but takes some time and you need to be stable to do so (ie no high speed chases but normal on road driving in ok). Takes up 3 cargo.

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